16 Lilac Ln, Newmarket, NH 03857, US

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Furniture & Framing in Newmarket NH

Furniture & Framing in Newmarket NH

About Us

Home Sweet Home

Welcome to Roosting Place Art & Decor! 

It’s all about feathering our nests, personalizing our dwellings, our roosting places. Framed and matted photos, vintage Natural History prints, even children's story illustrations add a touch of whimsy to our home decor. Custom painted furniture breathes new life into old familiar pieces and creates a one of a kind look.

Recently decided to pursue my passion and hobby full-time : No more office for this mom of three! 

Shop Local! You can see framed art and home furnishings from Roosting Place Art & Decor in Newmarket, NH at New to You Boutique on Main Street.

Stay tuned for shop updates!


What we Do

Framing in Newmarket: Photos, Vintage Natural History Prints, & Children's Story Illustrations.

Painting & Refinishing Furniture in Newmarket, NH


​Feathering your nest?

Do you have vintage prints that need framing and matting?

Are there books or themes that you would like to see in our shop? 

Have a piece of furniture that needs a makeover?

Please contact us. We will be in touch within 48 hours.

Nichole Jones, Owner

16 Lilac Lane

Newmarket, NH 03857


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Drop us a line!

Visit our ETSY shop / RoostingPlaceArt

Better yet, visit us in person @ New to You Boutique in Newmarket, NH.

Roosting Place Art

16 Lilac Ln, Newmarket, NH 03857, US

(603) 361-7917